Thursday, January 23, 2014



If only you could
step inside my heart
for just a moment or two
you might be overwhelmed
by what I feel for you

Love, pure and simple love
that has no end
and longs to hold you near
for now and forever;
for as long as we’re both here

I want to hold you close
I want to hold your hand
I never want to let you go;
you’re the best I’ve ever had

I want to protect you
I want to keep you safe
I never want to see you cry
or feel an ounce of pain

I want to see you smile
I want to make you laugh
I never want you to wish
for something other than what you have.

I want to give you everything
I want to give you my all
I never want to give you less
than anything you want

Because it’s simple
my love for you is pure
and you are the one
I’ve waited my whole life for.

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