Wednesday, July 17, 2013

DREAM WOMAN by Dan Jensen

As the wind blew west,
And the river was streaming through,
I am now admitted heaven's guest,
Admitted to see the perfect love statue.

There she was, walking by,
I was thinking if she saw me at all,
I turned to her, and I said hi,
Knowing I had for her, taken a fall.

She was gazing at the sky,
I expected an answer, just a word,
I looked up, and made a thought why,
Wondering if had she me, heard.

A heart was forming as a cloud,
My heart it froze to ice,
Had it caught me in the crowd,
Had I taken the roll, on the love dice.

I looked down in her eyes like before,
They shined, looking into mine,
An angel she is, I am sure,
I know she would be my lifeline.

I took her hand and walked now,
I caressed it, showed her love,
I've given her the love-vow,
Yes, this dream woman came from above.


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