Wednesday, March 22, 2017

IN PURPLE FIELDS WE DANCE - by Charmaine Chircop



by  Charmaine Chircop 

 Stay a little longer

come closer to my heart

Breathe dew breeze  on my neck's nape

do not yet depart

Play for me bagpipe music

Blindfold all my starving fears

Let the dulcet tones of your voice

give us back those harvest years

Make  of the citrus moon a ballroom

Hold  me firmly from both hands

Lift me  high to touch the star-sky

Show me how young peasants dance 

Let my soothing fingers trail 

across your caloused  sun -soaked skin

In purple fields Come chase me

in that place our souls have been

Take me away with you

where this world is out of sight

Where unspoken thoughts and heartbeats

are enough to blaze the night