Sunday, October 16, 2016


PEPPERMINT TEA – Contains menthol which helps break up congestion along with having a calming and numbing effect. A helpful natural remedy when you have symptoms like a headache, nausea and congested sinuses.

GINGER TEA  – A cup of tea made with ginger has a wonderful warming effect on your body that feels very comforting if you have a chill from a fever. It’s especially helpful relief if you have an upset stomach.

YARROW TEA  – Relaxes you while offering great immune system support. This classic herbal remedy for colds and flu encourages your body to sweat which can help naturally reduce a fever.

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CINNAMON  TEA  – Another stomach-soothing herb, cinnamon makes a nice hot tea to warm your body and ease aches that can come with a cold or flu.

CLOVE TEA  – An expectorant that makes it easier to cough up congestion in your lungs, a tea made with cloves can also encourage sinuses to open up so you can breathe easier and settle down an upset stomach.

LICORICE TEA  – With a delicious sweet flavor without the sugar, licorice supports your immune system while reducing soreness in your throat. Another fantastic herb for calming spasms in your lungs if you have a bad cough while thinning mucus so it’s easier for your cough to be productive instead of dry and irritating.


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