Thursday, December 18, 2014

COULD WE, SHOULD WE ? by Anonymous



by   Anonymous

the timing's not good
but I wouldn't change it, if I could
this is how it's supposed to be
it's not a game of wait and see

the heart knows nothing of time
it does not follow circumstantial song or rhyme
your heart tells you what to pursue...
what you want to see it through

to pick back up in a few, short years
after frustration,
maybe others, 
and unwanted tears

if that's right
for what ?  for whom ?
yes, others care...but they are not you
you've said it before

they don't have a clue
as to what you feel see and do
to wait on approval for life to allow
would that be easier...maybe

but would I be proud ?
to know it was not good enough
when easy feelings seemed all too tough
we both know- right now it would last
but later on bring back the past...
                         could we ?

I never picked to be in this place
we ironically met
what made us feel open and free
what made you share your life with me ?

to know how you feel...
totally exposed
things you said
only I could possibly know

in itself is hard and tormenting
you express your hopes
concerns and  fears 
of losing this now

still unsure what direction to steer
it's hard for us both...
we've gone 'round and 'round
a solid answer is yet to be found

how do we reach this, 
what must we do ?
if we knew all of this,
would that be bad, too ?

we're afraid to let go
we've tried it before
to always come back
the heart was so sore

wondering and feeling...
you might be 'the one'
should that be something 
to turn from and run

where can we go
from here ?
amongst all confusion, 
this still shines clear...

hold out our hands
let open the heart
or don't get involved
it's too hard to start

if it's a game 
you felt you could win
you said you'd jump in
as long as your mind 

says you'll lose...
that you will do
should we continue 
to sit here and question ?

or realize this is
life's greatest lesson...
                should we ?