Sunday, June 9, 2013


Willem Koekkoek. -  A Dutch street

Giovanni Paolo Panini - The Lottery in Piazza di Montecitorio

Bellotto, Bernardo - Square market in the New Town Dresden

Bellotto, Bernardo - Zwinger in Dresden

Berkheyde, Gerrit Adriaanse - Large market square in Haarlem

Cornelis Springer. - A street scene in Makkum Friesland

Cornelis Springer. - View of the Town Hall and St Lawrences Church in Alkmaar

Edward Pritchett. - The Church of the Salute Venice

Gerrit Berckheyde - The Market Place and the Grote Kerk at Haarlem

Gerrit Berckheyde - The Market Place and Town Hall, Haarlem

Jan Ekels The Elder  - View of the Nieuwmarkt with the Waag Amsterdam

Jan Hendrick Verheyen  - A Dutch Village Scene with Figures

Jan van der Heyden - View of the Westerkerk, Amsterdam

Willem Koekkoek. -  Old Dutch street

Willem Koekkoek. - Summer city view

Willem Koekkoek. -  Dutch town scene with figures

Adrianus Eversen. -  A Dutch street scene

Bellotto, Bernardo - Square in front of the church the Cross in Dresden

Jan Hendrick Verheyen. - Dutch Street Scene with Figures in the Foreground

Martynov, Andrej E. - Summer Palace of Peter I

Martynov, Andrej E.  - Type Moika by the Imperial Stables

Klenze, Leo von - Palace in Athens