Tuesday, October 9, 2012



Dreaming Of You

I tossed and I turned last night, 

while I lied awake in my bed.
Too busy thinking about you my dear Phil, 
as couldn't get you out of my head. 

Then when I finely fell asleep, 
I dreamt of you once again.
Where we were so very happy, laughing
without a fear in words again.

And now that your around, 
within my awoken dreams. 
I Wish you could be nearer, 
standing right hear next to me.

Where I'd hold you in my arms, 
as we set our spirits free.
As we fly high towards the stars, 
twin hearts heading for eternity......

Dreaming of You and I Together

by Kevin Massey 

At times I dream a perfect dream 

Of you and I together 

On a sandy dune with a crescent moon 
As the stars light the sky like a treasure 

The waves are messengers whispering secrets 
Telling of our love so strong 

They rush to our feet like children at play 
Letting us know that we belong 

You move so elegant and graceful 
Along the crystal shore 

That thoughtful stare and wind kissed hair 
Just warm me to the core 

Those caressing eyes and a soothing touch 
A healer of sorrow and pain 

They water the soul and keep me whole 
As I bask in it's warmth never rain 

This is the place a sacred place 
That we hide deep in the heart 

Only to travel from time to time 
So we'll never be too far apart.

Dreaming about you

by Naomi Johnson

I am picturing us floating on a cloud 

gazing into each other's eyes. 
Gently pulling you close to my heart, 
hoping we do not depart.

I wrap you in my arms imagining us taking 

a journey into time together, 
breathing passionate words of love into your ears. 
My finger tips stroking throughout your hair 
with such divine affection and care.

My body starts to create heat of passion building within. 

Feeling the smoothness of your skin - 
my mind is fantasizing about our bodies interlocking 
as you softly say to me “come and be lost within me”.

                                                 Although my thoughts are just a hallucination 

I believe one day we will have this romantic relation. 
But the infatuation seems so true 
I feel myself being a part of you. 
It is you inside my mind, 
a fantasy with such a wonderful design.



Dreaming of you

by Gerry Legister 

Far away beyond celestial distance,

I imagine that you are with me,
Seeing the same vision at a glance,
Float downstream to where we could be.

Holding out treasures of daring chances,

Between more oceans of opportunity,
With all mysteries of different places,
Gather the breeze where your shadow will be.

The thrills unknown may walk as close,

To the sparkle in the myth you have seen,
In the brightest gleam before the day arise,
There are more chances in your dream.

But when you turn your face towards me,

A tune is heard playing the sweetest melody,
Distinction made the cascading beauty,
Nectar blossomed into great reality.

In the strength of grace and goodness,

Extending beyond another mystery,
We stroll into the path of scented bliss,
Till the dream ends in the terrestrial sky.

Dreaming Of You

by Linda King

There is a quiet place, 

One that I love so. 
A place of sweet solitude,
Oh how I wish to go.

If only in my dreams, 
Or in a card or two.
The place where I can sit and think,
Such pleasant thoughts of you.


I'll Be Dreaming Of You

By  Becky Watkins

Alone tonight,

Unable to see your face.
Another day passes me by,
I'm trapped in this dark place.

Friday slowly strolls by,
Saturday is nothing but a blur.
People try to speak to me,
But I cannot concur.

I'm missing you like crazy
I can't wait until you come home
Then once again you can hold me
The loneliness can go.

Days go by so slow,
Forget about the nights.
I lay awake at night,
Hoping you're alright.

I know you're only gone,
For a short amount of time,
But the fear is still in me,
That when you return you are no longer mine.

I know this sounds crazy,
But these feelings are bottled so well.
I cannot hold them any longer,
I'm into you; I fell.

The feelings in my heart,
I've never felt for someone else.
The humbleness and love,
Is more than I've ever felt.

I just want you to know,
That I miss you so much.
I just want you to know,
That I'm longing for your touch.

I can't wait until you come back,
I am counting down the days.
But I really do hope you are having fun,
But still missing me the same way.

When you come back,
How happy I will be.
For, right now I'm locked up,
Until you come and set me free.

I want you to know,
The best I've had, is you.
And that when you are gone,
I think and dream of you !