Sunday, December 28, 2014



by Keisha

If you were with me for a day,
We would kiss the night away,
Keep you close to me,
Just sleep on your chest,
That would be the best,

Loving you tenderly,
Soft and sweet kisses,
I will touch you gently,
Kiss your neck,
Savor your passionate kisses,

Fill my heart to the brim with joy,
Loving you more and more,
I wish I could express my love,
Like you express yours for me,
Your words are so beautiful,
And your actions speak more,
You are the one I’ve always been searching for,

Speak to me once more,
Whisper sweet things in my ear,
Let me tremble from your touch,
Close my eyes and enjoy the pleasure,
My body filled with ecstasy,
All of this, you do effortlessly,

All I want to do is make you happy,
Make you feel satisfied,
Make you feel so good,
I want to feel your body,
Against mine…
I want to feel your soft, sexy lips,
Feel them over and over again,
All over me til I tremble and shake,
With my lips I want to make,
A trail of kisses,
All over your body,
Pull me closer,
I need your warmth,
You are my hottie,
You set my body on fire,

I feel your hands,
Rub all over my body,
Your touch is so soft,
I don’t want you to stop,
I look into your eyes,
I’m under your spell,
You’re so gentle,
Yet so rough,
I need your touch,

My body yearns for you,
You hear it calling,
I already want you,
As soon as I look in your eyes,
In that moment, I fall into your arms,
Wrap me up…don’t let me go,
I just want to stay here forever,

I close my eyes,
As you take me away,
To a place far away,
To a place I never want to escape,
I get lost in your love,
I never want to be found,
Your voice is the only sound,
I need to hear,
It echoes in my heart,
Will keep it there,
Until my heart stops.

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