Tuesday, December 30, 2014



by  Meena

Sometimes I imagine...

Happily sailing through life

you and me walking hand in hand
able to face each problem and strife
experiencing a love that understands

Where I can rest all my anxiety

in your comforting arms
conquer every goal and see victory
and not come across despair or harm

Sometimes I wonder...

If you think about me

and share the same feeling
or am I just a quiet breeze
that comes and goes not affecting

Do you desire the same love

which echoes within my heart
thoughts of me do you just shove
and let my memories depart

Sometimes I just wish...

To be lost in you and in your passion

bathe in your tenderness and rejoice
to drown in the sea of your affection
and float in bliss listening to your voice

Sometimes I miss you and want you here
wishing for much more wishing for you
will you come to know or ever come near
and hold this heart of mine that longs for you..

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