Wednesday, November 19, 2014

YOU IS FOR UNIQUE by Jessica Catherine John



by Jessica Catherine John

You can make me smile, 
even after the hardest day.
You can lift people’s spirits 
in that very special way.

You’re gifted and talented 
in all that you say and do,
And your presence brings so much happiness, 
because it is simply you !

Which is why, when I have you, 
I always beg you to stay.
You make me find the reason 
in living for the day.

You really are the light 
and love of my life.
For every wrong I’ve made, 
with you, I’ve now made right.

You are so so special, 
like no one ever before,
And you’ve warmed my heart, 
which once felt rejected and sore.

You’re deeply affectionate, 
so very caring.
It’s receiving your love 
which makes my life worth living !

You might not be the sun 
I see up in the sky,
But you’re definitely a ray, 
and I’ll tell you why.

Because you love me, 
and make me feel like a queen,
Because I see love each day of my life, 
like I have never seen.

I’m telling you now, 
of every person this world can care for and create,
No one will ever compare to you, 
my love, my sweet baby !

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