Wednesday, November 19, 2014

THE NEED TO BE LOVED by Jesse DeLance Sutton



by Jesse DeLance Sutton

Today as I sit here thinking
Of the things that have happened
To me in my life,
Filling my need to be loved is something
That seems to have passed me by.

 I am a guy who needs the warmth
Of a women’s love and the
Tenderness of her kiss.
To know that I am loved gives
Me many reasons to exist.

Love is something that everyone
In this world needs.
Without it, the depths
Of your soul are left to bleed. 

There is no happiness, no joy
And the excitement that being in
Love brings.
The warmth of the sun
And the cool evening breeze bringing
The fresh smell of the 
Flowers that bloom in
The spring.

The joy of being in love makes
Your day brighter and your future
A future of hope.
Everyday problems, love will give
You the strength and the ability to cope.

When you are in love, you
Feels ten feet tall and the feeling
Is something that you just can’t put
Into words.
You hear music in a different 
Way and the melodies will those
You have never heard.

Everything seems new: your
Heart has a new rhythm; your soul
Is feeling the depths of
The one you love's soul. And the
Only think you can seem to
Think about is each other.
You say to each other how
Great your love
Is and that in your lifetime there
Will never be another.

Today, as I sit here, I need to
Be loved, for to be in love is beyond
To finally have someone in
Your life that really does care.

To hold hands and take
A walk in the evening sun along
The beach,
Your heart reaching out to each other
As far as it can reach.

And finally you know now
That this is a person that you could not see 
Yourself living without.
As you lie there on the beach
And watch the stars that come
Out at night.
Everything in your life feels so 

As you pull her close in
Your arms and tell her how
Much you love
Her and as your lips meet to
Seal that phrase,
You are no longer on earth
As your hearts drift
To another time and place.

There is nothing as great as being
In love and filling that
Need to be loved.

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