Friday, November 21, 2014

MIRROR by Julia Docking


by  Julia  Docking

Through the walls
And past the mirrors
Stands a girl Who is strong
With her eyes filled with fire
Her soul is weak
But you would never know.
Detailed with passion
A definition of her heart
Words filled with regret

Her dream to write.
Pieces of no meaning
Nothing they could understand
How do I explain
Write of happiness
When all my stories are sad.
So hard to tell
My expression
My speech stuttering
My hands shaky

My heart beating fast
Loosing sleep from stress.
I want to give it up
Let go of the never existed
Step up to the plate
But how do you know me.
When you can not get me
When you don’t know me
When you cant figure me out.

Battling her everyday
Beat her down
Tell the girl in the mirror
To never give up
Reassure her it will be ok

So many burdens.
With makeup running down her face
I tell her

Tomorrow is another day
Tomorrow will be better
Tomorrow I can start over.
Like all the other days

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