Sunday, November 16, 2014

Apart From You by Elizabeth Leigh Friend

Apart From You 

by Elizabeth Leigh Friend

I wish I could hold you on this day
There are so many things in person I want to say
How cruel it is we must be apart
Being here, with you there, breaks my heart

If you were with me, in your arms I'd be
Your loving gaze I'd clearly be able to see
I would hear your heart beating steady with mine
We'd be lost in each other's presence, unaware of time

But you are there, and I am here
So in my dreams I'll hold you dear
I'll tell you I love you, as I have many times before
Though each time I say it, I mean it more and more

My eyes will water as I think of the times we've shared
And how much for each other we have come to care
As I hold you close we both will know
We no longer need words to show
What we have and what it means
As I look in your eyes it can easily be seen

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