Sunday, October 7, 2012

ZENG XIAO LIAN - Paintings


The artist Zeng Xiao Liang  was born in 1939 in Yunnan Province, China. He worked as a senior engineer of the Botanical Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
 Zeng also received artistic training in Beijing. The artist has a unique talent for images of flowers and birds.

 His exquisite designs have been published in more than fifty books, including - "Flora of China", "Flora and Yunnan Rhododendrons" and other paintings Zeng participated in numerous national exhibitions in China and the U.S., Canada and Australia.


  1. Good morning! Happy to have found your wonderful blog, congratulations, it's really shocking, sensational collection! Thank you, I will follow your blog and always divulge their work, about authorship of the work, posted on facebook. Hug.

    1. I am extremely happy, Fatima, that you find my blog interesting and you enjoy it ! There are only things that I love and bring joy to my heart and I am happy to see that there are many people that appreciate the same things. With gratitude for you kind and friendly heart ,