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Raymond Campbell undoubtedly ranks amongst the foremost still life painters in the UK. Born in 1956, Raymond Campbell knew from an early age that he would be a painter and he never wavered in his desire to create wonderful images. Having turned down the chance of formal training at Art School in favour of developing his own style, he was a full-time professional artist by the age of 22.

His career has built up from the late 1970's when he returned to the UK after studying and travelling through Europe. Raymond was greatly influenced by the great Dutch masters who inspired him to paint his still life in the Flemish tradition. He has now developed his own individual style that is widely recognised and greatly admired.

A self-taught artist, he began painting as a hobby, which was initiated by his mother buying him a set of paints and brushes for his birthday. In the early days landscapes were the main subject along with portraits of people and animals, all of which kept him honing and developing his skills. Later, in the late seventies, he became self-employed and a full time professional artist.

Still life subjects began as a result of his interest in antiques; setting up a subject matter of fruit, china vases, silver bowls etc. Later because of his interest and love of the history of wine and of the different vintages this subject was added to his repertoire.

As a highly regarded British still life artist, Raymond Campbell is most recognised for his curious paraphernalia arrangements, reminiscent of the 17th Century Dutch painters. These unique tableaux can be identified by their detailed precision and classically “Campbell-esque” contents including vintage wine bottles and sepia photographs.

 The works of the Old Masters which he studied during his travels influenced Raymond Campbell’s work to a huge degree; never afraid to experiment, he would put together disparate objects from which he would produce the most desirable paintings – many of which have been exhibited here in the UK, in America and in Australia.

Raymond Campbell’s more recent works, of desirably dusty bottles of fine wine accompanied by the temptingly realistic bunches of grapes or chunks of delicious-looking Stilton, are greatly in demand and hang on many a discerning art-lover’s wall.

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