Saturday, August 18, 2012

WHAT YOU ARE TO ME - Love poetry

A Love From Within My Heart

by  Honeybee48

It's been nearly
One whole year of when
We first met
And I'm so happy that we still have
Each other

Though we've had our
Share of quarrels like
Every couple does
Every night I pray
That I see your smiling face
With my every tomorrow

You give me so many reasons to smile,
But yours is one that
Makes me the happiest
And one that I can see
For many miles

My love for you is forever true
Baby, there will never be a
Man like you...
Because you have made all
Of my dreams come true

What You Are To Me

by  garby0819

To me you are more than my lover, more than my best friend
On you I can always count, on you I can always depend
To me you are more than beautiful, more than spectacular
In you I see my future, in you I see my shining star

To me you are my angel so perfect, my bride-to-be

With you I discovered love, with you I found my destiny
To me you are my morning sunshine, my light throughout the day
With you I will spend my life, with you I will forever stay

To me you are my reason to smile, my reason to simply live

Because of you I cry no more, because of you I learned to give
To me you are my heart and soul, my song I sing so proudly
Because of you I know about love, because of you my heart is now free

To me you are my flower so sweet, my lover to share each nite

Loving you just comes so naturally, loving you just seems so right
To me you are quite amazing, to me you are so dazzling
Loving you is my gift to you, loving you is my everything

To me you are all of these things, everything and so much more

You may never know just how much, you are the one I totally adore
To me you are my Christmas, my holidays, the greatest gift I was sent
You may be alone tonight, please know you are being loved this very moment

With You

   by  misteriousgirl84

Who can say what am I thinking?
Only God knows it..
When you ask whats in my eyes?
It makes me think of it.

All I know is-
You make me smile and gave courage;
Comforting me with the words you uttered..
Knowing that time with you is priceless.

The hurt and pain vanished away;
Each moment we talk together..
I find a home to your heart,
A home where my heart belongs.

It doesn't matter if your a good person or not;
As long as I know that you're just there..
I really felt so happy..
With you I found a friend.

You are to me....
   by  daysy v.

You are to me are everything
My man, my dreams, my soul
I really don't know why
I love you this much

I love you so much
I really do love you
My emotions are exploding
To reach your heart
Wherever you are

To me you are everything
All the best is in you
The love that is flowing
From your heart to my heart
Is being felt deep down
Reaching every nerve i have

Your sweet kisses trembling my lips
Making my heart to beat faster
Somewhat  like electricity
That lightens my darkness night

When i am sad and blue
I just think of you
In a snap of a finger
My day is already complete...

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