Thursday, February 9, 2012


Dreaming of a beautiful manicure? No time to go to a beauty salon? Leave your dreams for later. Let us then we are the real deal.

At the end of our simple manipulation of the nails will look like this:

If you are satisfied with the proposed concept, then it's time to start. In the list of instruments appear: a mug with water, a few paint colors and the usual toothpick. That is, in general, and all.

nails foundation of our future masterpiece. By the time of follow-handling framework should have a good dry.

Then turn our gaze to standing on the table a cup of water. Drips back a little bit of color varnish.

Up first drop gently "put" the second, following the chosen colors.

Stir with a toothpick.

Immerse our nails, which, we recall, the foundation has to be dry, in water. Toothpick stir the water around your finger.

Retrieve your finger out of the cup and remove unnecessary divorce means for nail polish remover.

We perform all the same to the other nails.
.: As paint is to choose a brand worth our attention. Others such as water treatment and can not survive.

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  1. alors la
    very gooddddddddddddddddddd!
    nous aimons les meme choses a ce que je vois!
    et la c trop tot!je vais biens ur essayer!merci merci