Friday, September 2, 2011

LONGING FOR YOU - adapted after a poem by Gail. D.



You sat by my side and say 
"Oh, how I loved you in every way"
My heart was touched and melt away 
I believed in what you say
Then you asked me, who I loved the most
And I answered "I loved my life"
You left and turned away
Tears fell from my eyes.


You left just when I was about to say
That "You are my life"


If only I could freeze the time 
         and recall those memories


One thing I wasn't able to tell you, 
"How much I need you"
here I am trying to make a fool out 
                        of myself
Pretending I don't care 
No, not at all
But if you only knew
what was I am going through
This heart always Longs for you!


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