Saturday, July 23, 2011


My heart is in love with you, you're perfect in every way
My soul reaches out to you more and more each day
Your heart is so kind, you're so smart and true
Everything you say or do is what I love about you

There's that sparkle in your eye I know you're heaven sent

All the messages and love letter, how much they all meant
You're down to earth kind with a loving heart
Never in this lifetime will people find us apart

The way you dedicated to each special thing in your life

I want to love you forever and one day be your wife
You send a shiver down my spine each time you speak
My love for you is so strong it could never be weak

I love you so much ... I'm running out of words to say

Just know you're in my heart every night and day

 (591x699, 155Kb)

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