Saturday, May 30, 2015

A HAPPY NIGHT by Rhonda Johnson - Saunders


by  Rhonda Johnson - Saunders

I'll write of happiness tonight with a heart warmed by poetry and family, my love near me…my blessings. I find pleasure in little things - drumming pencils in small hands, playful clouds, the scent of baby lotion, rhythms of rain showers, shades of blue in a sky dressed in afternoon, a gentle touch of his rough hand, a loving look from eyes that understand… to end my day in simplicity with hugs goodnight, a cup of tea, words read by soft white of lamp light, sweet little boy kisses and sleepy faces, the contentment of lasting love – you and I. A smile relaxes on my lips as time stands still with my thoughts, the everyday comforts I take for granted, like cotton socks on my feet that leave behind soft pieces of lint and sips of hot tea that soothe me to my soul… I hear the tender breath of night, majestic sounds of silence and life… the very pulse of creation outside my window. I’m called out by the wink of a meddling breeze to taste zest of midnight, drink in starlight, play in moonlight; rest in the knowledge of tomorrow’s possibilities and those happy thoughts that bring a smile…

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