Saturday, December 21, 2013

A CHRISTMAS CAROL by Robert Thistle

A Christmas Carol

by Robert Thistle  

A Christmas Carol
I looked above
The night was wondrous,
With angels singing
Of Jesus’ birth.
And in the distance
Hills were ringing,
The joyous message
Of peace on earth.
The shepherds came
In silent wonder,
To worship Jesus
The newborn King.
Then they made haste
The message telling,
Salvation’s come
Let the whole world sing.
The wise men brought
Him precious treasure,
Gold, frankincense
And costly myrrh.
But they returned
With greater treasure,
Salvation had come
Their hearts to stir.

And Mary’s heart did sing that night
Her holy child
Would be a light,
To gather all His chosen in
And free their hearts from sin.

Now we return
To tiny manger
To angels singing atop a hill.
And with the humble
Shepherds kneeling
The Birth of Jesus
Our hearts will thrill.

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