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The Wind

by  Dee Mcdonald

The wind it moves in wondrous ways
Through the tree branches it blows and its sways
It takes all the leaves and flies them so high
Then briefly it lets go and they fall from the sky

Its strength is so varied from timid to strong

The length of the blowing can be short or long
Sometimes it tickles the tip of your nose
Sometimes sends shivers to the tips of your toes

It can bring some surprises with each passing day

The wind will surprise you in many a way
The sweet sound of whistling, the roar of a storm
It can bring you some happiness and also bring harm

The next time you see a bag blow down the street

The next time you feel the wind at you feet
Remember its power, its beauty and grace
For the wind can be anywhere, it can be any place.


Autumn Abstraction

by  Raven Baptiste Holder

I walk alone in these windy streets
dead leaves sweep across my sneakers
disappear into the hue of pumpkin and wheat
my skin reveals the heat is getting weaker
welcome goose bumps for the second time
small sparks that trigger gloom
sun come back , don't commit this crime
the sting of a quick transition looms
but I can’t help it when I look around
and vanilla skies reach out like wings of a dove
and small pieces of nature cover the ground
what it all reminds me of

the veins of a maple leaf reaching out
hugs that tell me all I need to know
rain the falls without a doubt
crying for me , when all my happiness goes
winds carry leaves away
keeping me and trouble far apart
falling into fall in this day
reminds me how you have my heart

my destination isn't quite clear
bitter feelings all subside
lost in the sounds of what I hear
wind, autumn's lovely bride
walking forever in a season
the sun has come and left
I don't really know the reason
but I no longer feel bereft
white flakes will come after this is done
I've left behind sun yellow and sky blue
still this season is the only one
that will always remind me of you

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George Edmunds' Song

by Charles Dickens

Autumn leaves, autumn leaves, lie strewn around he here;
Autumn leaves, autumn leaves, how sad, how cold, how drear!
How like the hopes of childhood's day,
Thick clust'ring on the bough!
How like those hopes in their decay-
How faded are they now!
Autumn leaves, autumn leaves, lie strewn around me here;
Autumn leaves, autumn leaves, how sad, how cold, how drear !

Wither'd leaves, wither'd leaves, that fly before the gale:
Withered leaves, withered leaves, ye tell a mournful tale,
Of love once true, and friends once kind,
And happy moments fled:
Dispersed by every breath of wind,
Forgotten, changed, or dead!
Autumn leaves, autumn leaves, lie strewn around me here !
Autumn leaves, autumn leaves, how sad, how cold, how drear ! 


The Day...Was You

by Joe Fazio

It was a cool, July, and it was dusk.
The gentle winds that blew,
brushed the Autumn of your hair.

And a mist, as like in Autumn, touch
your face, as I stood still.

I could not help but wonder, as in Autumn,
are the bees yet in their hive? Snuggled
closely, in their Autumn winter bed. ?

An Autumn sun, hid behind the clouds above.
It knew not of this July, only of Autumn, in the air.
It knew of flowers drooping, their brightness,
now fading and curled. It knew of falling leaves,
and colors still so bright. A lone tree against a colored
sky, seemed naked in this July. With all of
this, and some to go, it must be Autumn...Autumn...
Autumn, for this I know.

What of the woman, with the hair of Autumn?
Her eyes of Autumn color and colored clothes
the same. It can not be July for
Autumn is abound.

Autumns every where. Circling sparrows in sky
above, swoop down, in hunt, for the final seeds
of Autumn. How could this be July,
or has the sparrows lost their way ?

Surely, this is Autumn, for the chill is in they air.
And, isn't that an Autumn grass, below that
old oak tree? As the gentle Autumn winds,
carry silence for the day.

Now the mist of Autumn, are falling drops of rain.
No, not a shower in July, but an Autumn day,
now cast in gloom, against a steel gray sky.

Autumn, shall never be the same, since
that Autumn day in mid July.

by Joe Fazio


Desperately Autumn

by Vereen Fransman

Desperately autumn
Trees are bleeding
Winds escort leaves desperately teaming.
Desperately autumn
Hearts are slower beating,
But I’ll never leave your side.
Desperately autumn
Fantasy leaves, now revealing
Desperately autumn fantasy now retreating.
Desperately autumn seeks September
And never to leave your side.

Autumn Hello's

by Ellen Ni Bheachain
Sometimes for others at autumn time period,
Is time for goodbyes when summertime flys,
For autumn is next in season time keeping,
And summer is over and moonlight shines sooner,
To see the autumn early sunset,
Is the time to travel back,

Leaving behind the bright nights,
And early dawnings,
Summertime goodbyes,
And hello to,
Autumn hello's,
Makes some lovers cry,
For time to fly,

When moonlight shines sooner,
And summer nights no more linger,
Tis, when summertime lovers kiss and say goodbye,
Flying back to where they are from,
Leaving each other to fly back home,

Back to the regular days and events,
Back to the mudane schedule,
That made you book and fly away,
Yet, then you settle back in and think,
Of the times you had in summertime joys,

While others of all season,
Settle in and snuggle,
Planning their future together,
Knowing to each in all seasons,

While the whims and joys,
Of summertime loves,
Comes to a halt,
When both part and fly home,

Mabey they might meet up again,
When autumn, winter and spring has been,
In that time and along the way,

They meet an autumn hello,
That keeps them,
Like all the rest,
That meet and fall in love,
That lasts for more than autumn hello's.

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