Wednesday, January 18, 2012



Jesus is my living flame
His kindling love sets me aglow,
He offers to all His loving flame,
He is your hope, just seek His face.

More and more He stirs our hearts
He waits to give you, His sweet love,
He is the Lamb for sinners slain,
He took my pain, He'll come to reign.

How wonderful to talk to Jesus
My beautiful Savior loving with grace,
Let us worship and praise heavens diadem,
Someday we will view His lovely face!

Breathe upon me today my Lord
Fill me with your love and power,
Let the mighty winds from heaven,
Keep me safe, til' I reach my haven.

My hurting heart God will mend
He will shelter me under His wing,
He came to be my Savior and friend,
I am His, "I'm a Child of the King"!

I can trust heavens diadem to lead me
Under His strong wings I feel so safe,
I'll stay within my Father's care,
He promised to be always near.

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