Saturday, October 1, 2011


As I look at the bright blue sea
I would give anything to have you here with me
You are my anchor in the storm
It is you who takes my heart
Ever faithful, ever true
I feel safe inside your arms
When I am yours,
Nothing else on earth could make me feel
This love we have, forever real

As I hold you close in my arms
I see within your eyes
All I could ever need
In our hearts we kiss and feel how life
             can be
You are my anchor in the storm
In my sleep I know you're near
Your name is on my lips
Like a sweet sound I need to hear
You are my greatest love
You are forever here

You are my anchor in the storm
I will go anywhere you are
You give me comfort, in my heart
My love, my best friend, my everything
   until the end
Though different we may be.
Love can never let us go again.

Love me to the end of time
I am yours until life ends
Take my soul and bond with me
No-one else can make love come true
Only if I have the love of you.

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