Monday, August 29, 2011

YOU'RE NOT MINE - by Doina Bădescu

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You’re not mine,
yet sometimes my thoughts intertwine
with yours, as we engage in conversation.
This situation feels right, and though I have
not crossed the threshold into wrong,
I hesitate to clarify your position in my soul.
You’re not mine…and I know that.
But there’s this need to look  at your picture
and lose myself in thoughts about you
and in my world...
I see no one but you.

You’re not mine, yet deep down I wish you were,
and maybe that is ill-timed in itself.

Your happiness appears missing or simply
misplaced, yet, coincidentally, it means the most to me.

You place me in a state of mystery, like gifts
given at Christmas time, and it's January in my mind.
But I remember...I remember...

You’re not mine,

and what is just as hurting, is recognizing
You are caring... I can feel from your words...

You are loving...I can feel from your questions...

You are a balanced scale of joy and strength,
for one never outweighs the other in your presence.

Yet, still, you are not mine...

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