Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I loved you in the spring time
When passions fire burnt bright
I'd gaze into your brown brown eyes
For there I'd find delight

I loved you in the summer time
Among the leaves of gold
You were my bright and shining star
My destiny to hold

I loved you in the autumn
When the leaves were dying, brown
You were my shelter from life's storms
Sweet escape where dreams abound

I love you now in winter
When my life has lost it's glow
You brought the purpose to my life
Just wanted you to know

You are the man that satisfies
From sleep you keep refreshed
So come and let me hold you
Clasped tight against my chest

Yes you have aged so beautifully
Like the finest of champagne
If my life I could live over
It would be with you again

So darling say you'll stay with me
Through all my darkest hours
To see me though till daylight dawns
Let me be your favorite flower

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