Monday, June 27, 2011

MILES AWAY by Sandra O'Connor

            Barres Fleurs
           Barres Fleurs

            When I found you
            you were lost and alone.
            I loved and protected you
            with all the love I had.
            you came to move me the same,
            then you went away.
            now I’m lost and alone,
            wanting to hold you
            close to my heart.
            with miles between us
            my love never fades,
            waiting for you to return
            to me someday.
            we conquered mountains
           of trials and troubles,
           only to remain
           friends and lovers.
           I know you’re family needs you,
           but I need you too.
           come back to me safely
           and my promise to you
           is to love and protect you
           as when I found you.
           with miles between us
           you are still dear to my heart.
           let me love you, until you return
           I’ll be as when you left,
           only as one.

       Barres Fleurs


Barres Fleurs

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