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Makeup Home - Easy Steps to Applying False Eyelashes

Before you begin you need to have applied all of your eye makeup (eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara) and curl the lashes before you apply the falsies.
By curling the natural lashes this will help the natural and false lashes blend together.

Easy Steps to Applying False Eyelashes

When buying false lashes

It is wise to begin with a less expensive set found at Wal Mart or Sally's when first learning and practicing.
Once you find yourself confident in applying eyelashes, you will enjoy the benefits of using higher quality false eyelashes.

Eyelash Glue

You need to use a glue when applying false eyelashes.
The lower quality eyelash brands will sell glue with the lashes but I've found this glue just isn't the best. My favorite one is the DUO brand because it helps lashes stay on way longer and I don't need as much of it. That, without even mentioning the much higher quality.

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Preparing Your Eye Lashes Before You Begin

Before you begin you need to have applied all of your eye makeup (eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara) and curl the lashes before you apply the falsies.
By curling the natural lashes this will help the natural and false lashes blend together.
I don't apply any mascara to my false eyelashes in order to help them last longer.

Curling and Shaping Natural Lashes

It is very important to curl your natural lashes first before applying the fake eyelashes.
The goal is to make both (natural and fake) lashes look like they are one. If you have super straight natural lashes then applying false ones without curling the natural ones will make them look pretty fake.


The way the lashes are arranged in the packaging "the left and right eye" are going to be the same "left and right when applied".
When removing the lashes from the packaging don't pull from the edge and sides. They are very delicate and you may damage the shape making them slightly disfunctional and deforming the band.
Try to remove them by gently pulling away from the packaging all at once with a finger placed in the center and pull downward away from the plastic packaging. This will allow the lashes to remain in their shape.

Trying out your new fake eyelashes

There are two sides to a lash one is shorter and one is longer. The shorter end is applied at the inner eye and the longer end is applied at the outer part of the eye.
Fit them onto the upper lash line testing to see if they fit the eye properly. If they are too long, you will need to cut them according to your eye shape. If you do cut, be sure to cut from the longer edge rather then the shorter edge. And be sure you don't cut to much off.

  1. Pour a little dab of glue either onto the top of your hand or onto the packaging or lid of something.
    You can use a tooth pick, tweezer, a Q-tip or if you want just the glue tube itself and apply a light coat to the false line being sure that the corners are properly coated.
  2. After the glue has been applied take the lash and bend it in the shape of a U. This will help the false lash stay pliable and bendable and help prevent the edges from lifting once applied. Holding it in this shape for at least 30 seconds.
  3. Allow the glue to become tacky. This step is very important. If the glue is still very wet when applied, it will be very annoying when applying the lashes. They will easily swim on the lid, smearing glue, making a mess.

How to apply false eyelashes to the lash line

Remember to take your time don't be rushed when applying false eyelashes.....
  1. Hold the lashes from the edges. Make sure the lash is lined properly and get as close as you can to the natural lashes so that there isn't any gaps.
    There are many ways you can lay the lash down on the lash line. Do what feels most natural and comfortable to you. Whether it be starting from the inner edge of the eye and applying outward or by applying from the very middle of the lash line and then pressing both ends down.
  2. Once the eyelash is in place make sure the inner and outer ends are properly applied. Hold and pinch the natural and false edges together before the glue dries. If they are sticking up a little, take a bit of glue on a toothpick or similar tool and being very careful, place it under where the lash needs to stick to and then hold it down until dried.
  3. Using a lash comb or the bottom of tweezers are a great way to help press down on the lash that was just placed to the lid. Making sure there is no gap between the natural lashes and the false ones. You want the lashes to look like they are one.
  4. Don't be afraid if you have white glue on the eyelid or the lashes. It will disappear once it is dry.

Have You Applied Them on Wrong?

Don't panic, just lift the lashes up off the lash line and reapply to the correct placement.
If you notice that the falsies have lost their stick, then add another small coat of glue, only this time focusing on the two corners and try again.

Applying False Eyelashes Optional Tips

You can curl the natural and false lashes together at this point. This will help make the lashes look more natural.
Use eyeliner and apply to the new lash line creating a new base with a seamless finish.

women apply false eyelashes

Removing False Eyelashes

Take a warm wet rag or tissue and press it onto the lash line to soften the glue. Hold for a minute or so and then gently pull away the false lashes.
Use an oil free makeup remover with a cotton ball and gently soak it onto the lash line. The makeup remover will not harm the false lashes. You want to be careful when removing the lashes making sure that none of your real lashes come off as well!

Preserving Your False eyelashes

Things you can do to help you false eyelashes last longer.

  • If you are gentle with the lashes they will last longer.
  • Try not applying heavy amounts of glue, this may shorten the life span of the lashes due to all the hardened glue. You can gently pick and pull off the glue from the lash-line but that can be time consuming, so just be easy on the glue.
Depending on the quality of the lashes you use, you should be able to get several uses out of them.
  • If the lashes are starting to separate from their root or pull away from each other, then they are almost due to being expired.
  • You don't want to wash falsies in water. They will lose their shape and weaken them.
  • To disinfect use rubbing alcohol. I recommend reusing the packaging they came in to keep and store them.

More on Applying False Eyelashes

Apply the glue straight to the lash line of the eye instead of the false lash line. This can make it so much easier to apply the lashes.
Use an angled eyelash brush and apply to the upper lash line just like when applying eyeliner. Make sure you put enough glue on the outer and inner edges. Then take the false lash and apply to the glued lash line.
Use a cheap eyeliner brush or a craft brush from the craft store. If you use your favorite eyeliner brush be sure to wash it when finished applying.

Remember patience and practice is the biggest tool you will need! Don't give up! After the first try you are on your way to becoming a pro at applying false eyelashes.

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