Tuesday, June 21, 2011



Grow old with me, my darling stay
Beside me as we walk our way
Through life's uncertainties. Be my light
Through stormy days and dark of night.

анимационные картинки - Любовь

You are my half, you make me whole,
You are the mirror of my soul.
Without you, life would make no sense.
Between us there is no pretense.

                                                анимационные картинки - Любовь

You know my thoughts before I speak.
You lend me strength when I am weak.
You tell me things I need to hear.
And, even then, you hold me dear.

анимационные картинки - Любовь

Grow old with me, my darling stay.
I need you more and more each day.
Grow old with me, my heart implores.
We'll live in love forevermore.


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