Thursday, February 2, 2017

THE JOY OF LOVING YOU..... by Balladeer


by  Balladeer

I find it so appealing
This feel that I'm feeling
As thoughts of you come slowly into view
It makes my world so bright now
Makes everything so right now
This feeling that I get from loving you.

I really feel blessed now
Although I get no rest now
My heartbeat goes a hundred miles or two
My body takes a lickin'
As pulse begins to quicken
And all this from the thought of loving you.

Seems life is so worthwhile now
I always wear a smile now
A testament to magic that you do.
I feel so much elation
From this brand new sensation
That comes to me because of loving you.

I find it no surprise now
This twinkle in my eyes now
I'm sure I've never seen them quite so blue.
The irises are glowing
From all the love they're showing
Just from the simple act of loving you.

How do you do this thing, dear
That makes my heart sing so clear
Not even Pavarotti could outdo?
My soul turns operatic
Because I'm so ecstatic
From music that comes out from loving you.

The birds and bees are active
Because you're so attractive
This wild desire is so completely new.
My hormones rage like widlfire
And nerves are strung like taut wire
By thinking of the thought of loving you.

Sun never shone so brightly
Moon bathes me with glow nightly
This warrior has reached his Waterloo.
My flag flies in surrender
As I bow to your gender
And thank God for the joy of loving you.

(photo of  Shahid Kapoor - Indian actor)


  1. WOW !!! What a picture ! It fits very well with the poem ! I don”t know this actor but ...handsome man, right ? The poem is great and thank you for sharing with us. I fact I visited your blog many times and I fiind it very interesting one. Thank you, Doina.

    1. Thank you for your visit and your kind comment. The poem is a splendid work of art (I really love it). Shahid Kapoor (the picture ) is one of my favorite actor - a very talented actor (and handsome too, right ?). I am happy that you enjoyed the poem. Wishing you a wonderful life !