Sunday, February 8, 2015

TO A TERRIFIC DAD by © David L. Helm

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© David L. Helm

To a dad who is terrific,

To a dad who's real neat.
To a dad who makes the best of things,
Even when they're not so sweet !

To a dad who's growing older,

To a dad that's going gray.
To a dad who just gets smarter,
It would seem from day to day !

To a dad who has potential,

To a dad who is the best.
To a dad who's been successful,
And who drowns out all the rest !

To a dad that I admire,

To a dad that I can trust.
To a dad that I appreciate,
That's what makes this rhyme a must !

To a dad that I call father,

To a dad that's held it through.
To a dad I'll love forever,
Because dad you know it's YOU !

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