Monday, February 9, 2015

MY WORLD by © Caroline Falzon

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the day is through, the sun is down,

only the moon seems to be up.
I go to bed, I lay to rest,
I open my eyes, as into the world I step.

I see green meadows, I feel the sun,

I feel content as I look around.
I keep on walking down the lane,
I hear the giggles of kids at play.

so many faces all come in glee,

the cheer, the laughter, everyone at peace.
singing and dancing, all around one man,
I take a step forward to join in the clan.

we all come together, no color no race,

we all want to shout out and to Him give praise,
our pastor, our savior, our only true love,
the reign of mankind, if only in Him we trust.

no rain, no pain, no evil, no shame

this is my world, it is yours too.
no tears, no fears, no aches, no blame
this is my world, I share it with you.

© Caroline Falzon

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