Sunday, February 1, 2015

DREAMCATCHER ”BRIGHT AUTUMN” - Master class in weaving Dreamcatcher

Creating Dreamcatcher "Bright Autumn".

amulet will fill your dreams with bright colors. All the difficulties and worries of the day entangled in its web.
I offer
you a detailed master class to create their own personal talisman.
You will need
the following materials:

     willow hoop
     needle with a blunt end
     suede cord (you can use a thread or any other cable)
     beads wooden and stone (you can use glass)
     The most important thing: a good mood!

Begins to happen

Prepare the materials on the list.

2. Take the thread and wrap. Stick to the edge of the thread on the hoop and begin to wrap it tightly.

3. Wrap the hoop completely fix the thread bundle.

4. Tighten the knot. If the string is slippery, then as needed can be done fixing the second knot.

5. Stretching the thread along the hoop and at an arbitrary distance from the node fix it, encircling around the hoop.

6. Then, fix the next round at the same distance. Continue to do so weaving all around the hoop. The shorter the distance between the "knots", the tighter the turn gossamer and vice versa.

7. When the first circle closes, I advise you thread a needle, so it will be easier to do a second series of webs.
Through the first loop extend a thread with a needle.

8. We try to capture and pull the thread through the middle, as shown in the photo.

9. As we continue to drag the entire second row to the previous webs.

10. After the two rows of woven webs (although you can dream and make 3,4,5 ... any number of rows), we take the first bead. In our catcher is wooden.

strung it on the thread and now continue to weave the next series of webs, as in the photo №9, just before each "bundle" we put on a thread beads. Once a set of wooden beads is ready, we will make another 3 rows of weaving without the use of beads to keep gossamer lightness and transparency.

12. Upon completion of the free series of weaving, begin to weave a series of small stone beads. Do it the same way as wood.

13. The final number weave webs without the beads.

14. When you have finished the series string anchoring knot and cut off the remainder. Gossamer is ready :)

15. You can start decorating. Here, too, you can fantasize endlessly picking up the color of feathers and beads, placing them above and below, as your soul wants :)

Cord folded in half and tie to the hoop, as seen in the photo - one at the top (it will hang Dreamcatcher) and three at the bottom (they decorate with feathers and beads).

16. At each lace put on two wooden beads: white and red.

17. In the opening between the cord and bead placed pink, yellow and speckled feathers. Depending on the pen and opening  beads can be placed from one to five feathers.

Your personal guardian is ready :)

Enjoy your creativity and sweet dreams !

Маленький ангел девочка

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