Saturday, January 10, 2015



cowgirls and cowboys

Cowgirls don’t sit around waiting for cowboys
They just ride as hard as they can
Leave the boys in the dust, and when they stop
They brag to the ones that kept up
About being able to ride like a girl
Than thows who smile and agree
Get a chance to sit around tell the cowgirl
Gives them a chance

Cowgirls don’t go chasing cowboys
Cowboys chase the cowgirl
And if by some miracle
One manages to catch up to her
When she stops at a stream
The real chance begins
Cowgirls are to strong to give in to defeat
So easily, but if they don’t give up the chance
They might just get a chance
At the cowgirls heart

Cowgirls breaking hearts
And breaking horses

Cowgirl don’t need no stinking cowboy

Yes, I ride like a girl
And I’m proud of it
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It's a state of min,
the aventurous kind
a free spirit,
living to the limit
giving her best,
living her best
rough, tough, soft enough
daring,  caring
sometimes swearing
sometimes sassy,  always classy
bright, polite
just might if it's right
a natural flirt
with just a little dirt.

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