Monday, March 24, 2014

JESUS, YOU ARE MY JOY - by Caroline Gavin


by Caroline  Gavin

The joy You give
Brings tears to my eyes,
It is the song of my heart,
Every sweet surprise.

The joy You share

Is the strength I know,
It is the light shining
On the path I go.

The joy You are

Is my hope of salvation,
The dance of my soul,
My hymn of celebration.

Yes, Jesus You are

The joy of my days,
The sparkle of my eyes
Shining always,

The flowers in the field,

The rivers flowing,
The mountains stretching,
The trees growing,

The sun shining,

The raindrop’s kiss,
The rhythm of nature,
The beauty of bliss..

So of Your joy

I sing faithfully,
I rejoice to share
All You do for me.

I sing of You,

I sing in exultation,
You are my hope,
My sweet celebration,

You are the light

That in my heart does glow,
Shining onto paths
I joyfully go..

Yes, the joy You give

Brings tears to my eyes;
Jesus, You are my Joy,
My every sweet surprise !

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