Monday, September 9, 2013



by Matthew  Densley

I have sunk and fallen deep in to a pair of blue eyes
Blue just like the ocean I was sailing when I capsized
Floating on my back staring up at the dazzling blue skies
Though the mouth may speak wrong words those blue orbs cannot tell lies

Those eyes of crystal blue entice me leading me astray
When those blue spheres call on me I can't help but obey
The waking hours pleasures me to see the blues on display
The shut at night and I can't wait until the break of day

I will follow those blue eye's never needing reason's why
For there's a feeling that I need only they can supply
Blue as my heart will become if I should ever see them cry
My soul would only sing the blues if we ever said goodbye

Those eye's of denim blue I'm hoping will never betray
They trap me in their sapphire bubble though it may seem cliche
That angel with blue eye's on my heart's own harp strings she will play
And though they make me weak I pray those blue eye's always stay

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