Thursday, August 22, 2013


José Mongrell
Return from the catch

 (601x700, 130Kb)

John McGhie
A quiet moment above Pittenween.

 (700x526, 117Kb)

Philippe Lodowyck Jacob Sadee
A fisherman's goodbye.

 (699x554, 178Kb)

Jozef Israels
Awaiting the fishermen's return.

 (700x551, 120Kb)

Thomas Faed
The end of a happy day.

 (700x530, 125Kb)

Angel Andrade Blazguez
A letter from her husband.

 (700x564, 153Kb)

José Mongrell
Mother and child.

 (585x700, 126Kb)

Jules Trayer
Saturday afternoon on the coast of Normandy.

 (700x515, 112Kb)

Jozef Israels
Mother and children on the shore

 (700x478, 96Kb)

Edward Killingworth Johnson
A Breton fisher girl.

 (700x522, 137Kb)

Jules Breton
Young Brittany girl knitting.

 (551x700, 108Kb)

Bernardus Johannes Blommers

 (486x700, 102Kb)

John McGhie

 (562x700, 109Kb)

Georges-Jean-Marie Haquette

 (700x546, 96Kb)

Charles Napier Hemy
The fisherman.

 (700x469, 73Kb)

James Clarke Hook
Caught by the tide.

 (700x435, 116Kb)

Henry Bacon
Fisherfolk returning with their nets.

 (700x499, 138Kb)

Robert Gemmell Hutchison
A sunday morning.

 (507x700, 113Kb)

Jozef Israels
The first step.

 (700x476, 96Kb)

Bloch Carl

 (699x534, 131Kb)

Bloch Carl

 (699x489, 66Kb)

Alexander Jnr. Fraser
The morning catch.

 (700x502, 140Kb)

John McGhie
Today's catch.

 (700x530, 115Kb)

Bernardus Johannes Blommers

Bernardus Johannes Blommers (518x700, 119Kb)

Edwin Thomas Roberts
Connemara fish girl.

 (552x698, 135Kb)

Norbert Joseph Horgnies
The fish sellers.

 (520x700, 135Kb)

Walter Frederick Osborne
A tale of the sea.

 (579x700, 134Kb)

Walter Langley
A chip off the old block.

 (622x700, 159Kb)

James Clarke Hook
Hearts of Oak

 (700x466, 118Kb)

Bernardus Johannes Blommers

 (700x521, 133Kb)

Emile Renouf
The helping hand.

 (700x487, 119Kb)

Wilhelm Gdanietz

 (700x602, 201Kb)

Theophile Emmanuel Duverger
Mending the nets.

 (700x556, 122Kb)


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