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Alberobello - a small town and municipality in the province of Bari, in Puglia, - ITALY

It has about 11,000 inhabitants and is famous for its unique constructions. Trulli of Alberobello are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996.
Trullo- a small house, built of local limestone, with drystone walls and distinctive conical roof.

Alberobellois one of the most popular tourist destinations in Apulia. This place is so famous because of the complex of trulliin 1400, UNESCOrecognized part of the historical and humanitarian heritage. For the first time this place is mentioned in the 11th century. At the dedication of Robert Bishop of Monopoli Decheranoshe described as "beautiful forest of trees" (Sylva aut nemur arboris belli). 
"Trulli", residential farm buildings of limestone, situated in the southern region of Puglia, are unique examples of buildings with walls of dry masonry(nomortar). Such a prehistoric building technique used in this region to date.
 "Trulli"are built of rough blocks of lime stone processed, collected from neighboring fields.They are characterized by pyramidal, domedor conical roofs, which are constructed of fastened to each other limestones labs.

Walls are usually whit ewashed and stonetiles on the roofs of houses are often painted with religious, pagan and magical characters.They take their name from the Latin word"trulla",which means dome.

In Alberobello unusual white houses crowding the narrow streets. There are restaurants and shops, trulli and even the cathedral-trulli (a different architecture than the wonderful Trulli, there simply is not). Get in is very simple - the main streets of the city whole rows of souvenir shops. The friendly owner-seller is happy to show his home and his wealth, and of course, will tell a lot of legends connected with the history of his native city. However, in Italian. A short translation is reduced approximately to the following:  Ferdinand of Aragon, King of Naples, gave one of his fiefs from the family Acquaviva of Conversano for the anguish suffered in the war against Turkey.

During the period of Spanish rule the law prohibited without the lords of the royal approval to build on their land more or less serious structure.

A trullo before the visit of the royal officials was easy to make out (after they have been created without the use of a binder solution, properly called the dry clutch). To do this, with three horses, aimed in different directions, removed the stone at the base of the roof, which kept the whole house (the very corner stone!). And gaze "tax collectors" opened up the valley from the piles of stones.

In 1979 local residents sufferingended with the abolition of taxburdens. It is fashionable to buy trullo as a summer residence in our understanding.The cheapest, destroyed the house is worth about 6 thousand euros per squaremeter.

Dome of the
trullo are masculine and feminine. In"male" is the domes, "pinakkolo."Once upon a time it learned that the master had built the house- it was kind of a stigma.

A total of
approximately 20,000 Puglia Trulli, there are special cards, which indicated all of the existing structure. The first trullo was built in 1635 and in 1925 a law to stop the construction of such houses. Because of Alberobello-unique and uniquecity, which perpetuated the fabulous houses.

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