Sunday, September 16, 2012

I'M ONLY DREAMING by Steve A. Politte

I gaze into the world I see
Somewhat different than before 

Could it be that it has changed ? 

Did the lion stop it’s roar ?

I see children who are fed
No starvation do I see 

Smiles upon all the faces 

How is this possible, how can it be ?

No one is in a hurry
But instead taking each ones time 

I marvel at the sight before me 

Could it be that I’m loosing my mind ?

People are embracing each other
No matter what race or creed 

Willing hands are helping each other 

All is peaceful and serene.

No tears are falling like rain drops
No sadness or evil it so seems 

Love embracing all who go there 

I’m only dreaming, I know 

but it don’t hurt to dream.

There is peace among all nations
No more fighting, no more wars 

Instead, helping each other 

To heal all the many scars.

It’s a wonderful thing to see
Makes my eyes want to gleam 

Oh how I wish it were so real 

But the reality is just a dream.

Family life has taken a twist
Children have both a mom and dad 

Health care is free for everyone 

Insurance companies have packed their bags.

There seems to be no more sickness
Cancer has left the scene 

Yes, I know that I’m only dreaming 

But it doesn’t hurt to dream.

I take delight in what’s before me
Angels about singing songs of praise 

Evil has lost it’s battle 

To God all voices are raised.

I don’t want to be awakened
From the gracefulness that all seems 

Yes, I know that I’m only dreaming 

But it don’t hurt to linger in this dream

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