Wednesday, July 4, 2012

FLAMINGO - by Claudia Krizay

Proud and brawny you stand-
Alone but never lonely, as the sun

                   appears on the horizon-
Your wings- magenta hued and
Your legs, long, stately and strong-
Leaves on the trees are feather-like

       and blossoming, though ever so slightly-
Spring is arriving early this year.
Being none but a Flamingo,

The pond in which you stand,
Your shadow glancing at the sky,
Cobalt blue in its hue and cloudless-
You have not a care in the world.
I have been often told of my strength

                                     and courage,
Though not always proud-
Being human, I can foresee my destiny and
Fear more than storms, and

                     other animals in the wild
That could harm me.
I was born under a different star than
Other people have been-
I live inside a world of my delusions,
So many have told me, although

                    I do not care to believe-
The sun is rising above the mountains.
My dream would be to lift my wings-
If I owned them, and fly away from all that I fear,
But I have no place to go-
If only I could get inside of your mind and
Be alone to appreciate none but

                             the waters I stand in,
The mountains behind me and

                  the splendor of the rising and
Setting of the sun?
I have been compared to a bird with

               broken wings that cannot fly, or
A lion trapped within a cage-

               with no way to escape my doubts-
As I watch the sun disappear

            beyond the horizon at midnight
I fall asleep and begin to dream-

in my dream I fly above the world so vast,
Without a care in the world and

          lost inside the world of my fantasies-
My dream is never to awaken-

spring is arriving early this year and
To my dismay, the sun shall rise early

       tomorrow and alas, I shall awaken to
A world that has not been kind to me,

as I open my eyes to a new day once more….

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