Saturday, January 28, 2012

RAYMOND CAMPBELL and his beautiful paintings


This is not a small Dutch - look at the years marked on the bottles. This - our contemporary English painter Raymond Campbell (born 1959).


He is extremely unusual artist. All his life he painted only one - the wine. Still life with wine in style and technique of small Dutch.

Say definitely what he is given more passion - wine or a painting - not even himself. He - a real connoisseur,  and collector of fine wines in the world.

Already by the age of twenty, he tasted the taste of great French wines, thirty-five - was frequented wine auctions, and to fifty - had to fill his own wine cellar the best vintages of Bordeaux, Burgundy and Rhone.

I must say that it is quite common for the British, they were the first to appreciate the taste of French wines, and the first wine auction, so now rampant throughout, carried out in England.

  London is the first and largest center in the world wine trade - the main focus here wine funds, stock exchanges and auktsionnnye home. Not surprisingly, the collectors of wine most Englishmen.








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