Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer Vacation - by Cora Almar

1 er Mars

I hope you really know
How much I truly care
Because when I’m away from you
It’s like something isn’t there

Bon samedi et Bon week-end

Like on this great vacation
Where I’m having so much fun
It feels like part of me is missing
I wish that I could share this sun

Bonne soirée

I’ve been wishing I could be with you
Each and every day
Because I trust that with you by my side
Everything will always be okay

Bonne soirée

I want to share this awesome experience
With you and only you
If I could, I’d capture every moment
So you could live this, too

Bon jeudi

In a box with sandy beaches
I’d put the perfect skies of blue
And I’d bottle up the endless ocean
To bring it back for you

Bon samedi

I love you like a brother
I hope that’s something you’ll never forget
And I’ll say I’m sorry now
If I ever do something we’ll regret

Bon Dimanche

You don’t know how much I missed you
And for that, I’m glad to be back
Now I know for certain
Forever our friendship will stay in tact.

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