Tuesday, July 12, 2011

FOREVER AGAIN - by Author Unknown

You asked me if I loved you
And I had to stop and wonder why
Can't you see it in my smiling face
Or here shining in my eyes


Then I got to thinking
why should you know its true
If I don't take the time to speak
and say these words to you

                   (500x339, 210Kb)

I love you in the morning
when the dew kisses the rose
when songbirds greet the rising sun
that's when my heart always knows


I love you at noontime
with the sun high above my head
when dishes need doing
but I come to you instead

                                  (631x461, 279Kb)

I love you at twilight
as the sunset blushes the night
when the day drifts into darkness
and you are my only light

I'll love you til forever
That's a long, long time they say
But my heart knows you are my someone
Til time just fades away

                                  24998447pb (391x45, 5Kb)

I love you in the morning
at noontime
In the twilight of my years
Forever's not that long
To spend with you
You chase away the fears

I'll love you forever
And ever

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